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Valerie Armstrong

November 15th 1932- January 16th 2017. aged 84.

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(The Great Pyramid Why was it built, who built it, by John Taylor 1859)

An Introduction to Christian Zionism


pdf format

Peter's Shadow and Paul's Handkerchief The British Empire and Israel

Israel and the North Parts

St. Paul One of the Twelve Apostles

Mythology and the Bible

Lord Shaftsbury on the Jews Return_1882

Mary Jones and her Bible

pdf format

Prof. Paul S. L. Johnson on Human Evolution

British Trades Union Movement

The British Empire and Israel

Britain in Europe (Parts 1-3)

Intelligent Design Versus The Alternative



Welcome to U.K. Bible Students, a free Christian website, which presents a variety of subjects of interest to British Bible Students and others. Our free Bible study lessons and audio downloads are available in m p3 format. Listen to interesting Christian speakers discuss the Bible from a unique perspective. This site offers Christian Biblical studies on the nature, ministry, and Ransom-Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all. Learn how the nation of Israel fits into the Divine Plan of the Ages. Read about Christian men and women in the Gospel-Age, who fought the good fight of faith:- Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Harriet Tubman, and William Booth to name a few. The Young Readers section features children's Bible Lessons, long neglected in our schools (our young people leave school not knowing Britain's Christian environment and culture). Our articles constitute an online Bible Study for all denominations. We dispute the theory of human evolution as presented by such writers and speakers as Professor Richard Dawkins and Steve Jones, who dismiss the intelligent Design evident in nature. In the History Corner we deal with various religious and secular events that have shaped Britain and the world. The Christian Biblical Studies section covers ethical, doctrinal, and historical aspects relating to the consecrated Christian life, including that most difficult question, the Permission of Evil, and we ask why God permitted it for over six thousand years of human history. In the Question Box we present concise answers on common and obscure Biblical themes. We welcome comments and on any topics. From the Audio section you may download free sermons on the coming Kingdom on earth, the Judgement Day, the Second Advent, and other topics. All our articles and Bible study topics may be downloaded free without copyright restriction or charge. You may link to our site,, but let us know if you do. 

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