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What a Wonderful World

Do you enjoy television programmes about the great variety of animals and birds on the earth? Have you learned what amazing life exists under the oceans, and perhaps wished you could dive into the depths to see everything for yourself? Have you gazed at the night sky and wondered how the universe came into being?


The First Shipbuilder.

God confided His plans to Noah. He would send a vast flood of water onto the earth to destroy all that was contaminated with evil.


Those Wise Men- who were they?

WHAT DO WE KNOW about those mysterious visitors who appeared briefly on the scene after the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem?


The First Skyscraper

They would be famous as the first ones ever to build a true skyscraper. They began the work, and soon the tower – afterwards known as the Tower of Babel – seemed very impressive
The Emigration of Abram
HAVE YOU or your family ever considered leaving your native country to settle in some distant place and start a new life?


Celebrity Status for a Day

The streets were buzzing now with the latest story about Jesus, who had actually restored to life a man who had been dead and buried for four days!


A Son for Abram and Sarai

A serious dilemma faced the ageing Abram and Sarai. Having obeyed God’s instructions to leave Ur of the Chaldees and settle in a land He would show them,


An Unexpected Picnic

A BUZZ OF EXCITEMENT stirred the air that Spring morning as the young lad left home and joined the crowds of folk making their way out of town

The Dreamcoat Boy.

A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL musical with a surprising title, based on an Old Testament story, was produced in London in 1968.
10 The Birthday   birthdays are Celebrated worldwide. Marking the anniversary of one’s arrival into conscious existence seems to underline the wonder of life.


Moses-No Ordinary Child. 

IT SEEMS QUITE REMARKABLE that the great man who was to be God’s agent in leading His chosen people Israel out of slavery in Egypt.


Moses- No Ordinary Man.

ONCE A PRINCE IN EGYPT, Moses had got himself into serious trouble and had fled for his life to Midian.

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