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Messengers of the Word



picture of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

 Dietrich Bonhoeffer   =The Cost of his Discipleship

A PRIVATE MAN, BUT AN  ATTENTIVE FRIEND— one description of this courageous Christian who dared to oppose the gross injustices of the Nazi regime in Hitler’s Germany



picture of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman      =The Moses of her People HARRIET TUBMAN was a runaway slave from Maryland who became known as the “Moses of her people.”



picture of Ira D Sankey

Ira D Sankey         =The sweet singer of Gospel Songs  THIS SWEET SINGER OF GOSPEL SONGS brought to the Moody revivalist campaigns of the late 19th century a zest and inspiration that prepared the hearts of thousands to receive the messages of the famous evangelist.



picture of William Booth

William Booth       =co-founder of The Salvation Army   BORN IN 1829 to a poor family in Nottingham, England, William Booth was forced to leave school at the age of 13 years to earn a meagre living for himself, his mother, and three sisters, after his father’s death.



picture of John Greenleaf Whittier
John Greenleaf Whittier = American poet, hymn writer, and political campaigner for anti-slavery cause. Born to a farming family at East Haverhill, Massachusetts, and raised in the Quaker faith, Whittier had only a basic education, but was an avid reader.



picture of Madame Jean Marie Guyon
Madame Guyon Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon was a seventeen-century French  evangelist.    She lived and died in the Roman Catholic church and yet is championed by Protestants.



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