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Question: What are the purposes of the Second Advent?


Answer: There are several, principal among them being:


1. To gather the Very Elect also called the Church, the Bride of Christ, the Little Flock.
This special group was called and developed during the long interim between Christ’s First Advent and His Second.

At His return they are raised from the dead, to live and reign with Him. (Often styled the ‘Rapture’.)


2. To judge the world, especially that part of it formerly designated Christendom, for its collective sins against God’s Word and His people. This judgement would be brought about through an unprecedented period of strife, affecting all levels of society, and is a precursor to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.


3. To restore the Jewish people to the ancient land of Israel and prepare them for their conversion to faith in Christ as their Messiah.


4. To establish God’s literal kingdom on the literal earth, during which period of time Christ and His Church will resurrect the non-elect dead, teach the willing in faith, righteousness and obedience to the will of God, and destroy the incorrigibly wicked.


This is a complex subject and these headline topics could be subdivided and expanded on many times over. A foundational understanding of the when and the manner of the Second Advent is necessary to properly grasp the subject. We have covered some of these aspects in other articles on our site. (SeeJudgment Day’, ‘>The Kingdom of God’, ‘<>The Second Advent’, ‘<>Times of Restitution’)



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