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Q Prov. 25: 2: ĎIt is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.í

What does this mean?

A Originally fashioned by God in His own image, as a king on earth, Man retains the inquisitive faculty with which he was endowed, and which God intended for him to exercise. Indeed, there is no end to Manís curiosity about the way things work, for he is an assiduous harvester of information.


From the highest heights to the deepest depths, on the earth, under the sea, and out into the universe, the human mind investigates and analyses itself and the material world surrounding it, in order to understand and, where possible, to manipulate things to his liking. Manís ingenuity has often produced mixed results, but it has also brought vast benefits, and the race has gained from the practical application of scientific knowledge.


This verse from Proverbs (25: 2) succinctly describes the ongoing tension which exists between God the Maker always at the top of this relationship and His creation, Man, who is the supplicant, seeking for answers to Godís secrets, but often falling short of the truth, because he lacks humility. Human philosophies and theories tend to elevate Manís status to that of God, ousting the Maker from His throne. They search out many things, but they fail to properly interpret the evidence, because their basic assumptions are flawed.


Only those things which God has made known can be known, either through creation or revelation.

Some things can be teased out by the rational mind, and such knowledge is the birth-right of humanity.
But those things which God has kept in reservation cannot.

God does not contrive to keep humanity in ignorance, but there are certain things He will keep secret until such time as it is ready to receive them.



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