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Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of ?

Matt. 20:22.


 The courage of the Lord in the narrow way fills us with admiration. What a strong character was His! He had no thought of turning back; He was intent upon accomplishing His Father’s will upon sacrificing Himself in the interest of others. A noble pattern the Apostles saw before them greatness in humility, victory through service. It is well that we should have clearly before our minds that unless we partake of His cup, we can have no share in His Kingdom of glory. Let us then count all things else as loss and dross to obtain this necessary experience. As it comes to us let us not be fearful, nor think strange of the fiery trials that shall try us, as though some strange thing had happened unto us. On the contrary, even hereunto were we called, that we might now suffer with the Lord and by and by be with Him in the Kingdom.



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