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 To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice—Prov. 21:3.


 We are to grow in love, and love is the principal thing; but before we can make much development in the cultivation of love, we must learn to be just, right, righteous. It is a proper presentation of the matter that is given in the proverb, that a man should be just before he is generous. It behooves the Lord’s people, therefore, that they study this subject of justice continually and daily put into practice the lessons inculcated in the Divine Word. Such as get this proper foundation of character before they begin to build love will find that they are making progress properly. All love that is founded upon injustice or wrong ideas of righteousness is delusive, is not the love which the Lord will require as the test of discipleship.



Parallel passages: 1.Sam. 15: 22; Psa. 1: 3; 15; 24: 3-5; 106: 3; 112: 4-8; Prov. 2: 5-20; Isa. 32: 16-18; Hos. 6:6; Mic.6: 6-8; Matt. 5:20; John 14: 21-24; 15: 4, 5, 8; Rom. 6:19-22; 14: 17-19; 1.Cor. 13: 1-7.