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 Be not faithless, but believing—John 20:27.


  It is impossible for us to come near to the Lord except as we shall exercise faith and trust in Him, in His goodness, in His power, in His wisdom, in His love. Faith is a matter of cultivation, of development. The same Apostles who cried out in terror when the storm was upon the Sea of Galilee gradually grew stronger and stronger in faith until, as the records show, they could and did trust the Lord in His absence and where they could not trace Him. Similarly it should be a part of our daily lesson to cultivate trust in the Lord, and to think of the experiences in the past in our lives and all these lessons in His Word, that thus our faith in Him may become rooted and grounded.



Parallel passages: Ex. 4:1; Num. 20:12; Psa. 78:19, 21, 22, 32; 95: 8-11; 106: 7, 24; Isa. 7: 9; 53: 1-3; Matthew. 17: 17, 19, 20; Mark 6: 2-6; 9: 24; Mark 16:14, 16; Luke 8: 12, 18; 24: 11,21,25, 26; John 16:8,9; Romans. 3: 3; 10: 6, 7, 14.