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 Love . . . rejoiceth  not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth—1. Cor. 13:4,6.


  Are the principles of right and wrong so firmly fixed in my mind, and am I so thoroughly in accord with the right and so opposed to the wrong, that I would not encourage the wrong, but must condemn it, even if it brought advantage to me? Am I so in accord with right, with truth, that I could not avoid rejoicing in the Truth and in its prosperity, even to the upsetting of some of my preconceived opinions, or to the disadvantage of some of my earthly interests? The love of God, which the Apostle is here describing as the spirit of the Lord’s people, is a love which is far above selfishness, and is based upon fixed principles which should, day by day, be more and more distinctly discerned, and always firmly adhered to at any cost.



 Parallel passages: Psa. 10:3; Romans. 1:32; 2. John 4; Neh. 8:10-12; Psalm. 9:2; 13:5; 19:8; 40:16; 46:4; 89: 15; 97: 11, 12; 119: 1, 16, 55, 111, 165; Isa. 12; Jer. 15: 16; Heb. 10: 34; 1. Peter. 1:8; Acts 11: 18, 22, 23.