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MAY 26


 Knowledge puffeth up, but love buildeth upó 1. Cor. 8:1.


  All who seek to teach the Divine Plan to others are exposed to peculiar temptations, so that the honor of serving the Lord and His people demands a correspondingly larger measure of the graces of the holy Spirit, as well as of knowledge. Whoever, therefore, would be an instructor of others, a mouthpiece of the Lord, should cultivate all the various graces of the holy Spirit including meekness, that these (combined in Love) with knowledge, may build up himself as well as build up those to whom he ministers.



Parallel passages: Rom. 11:25; 12:16; Prov.3:7; 26:12; Isa. 5:21;  1.Cor. 13; John 15:9-17; Rom. 12:9,10;  1.Tim. 1:5;  1.Pet. 1:22;  l. John 4:7-21.