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MAY 25


 Be not overcome of evilóRom. 12:21.


 We are never to take up or to use evil words or methods or manners. To do so is temporarily to join the enemy, or to admit that his implements and methods are better than those of the Captain to whom we belong. To answer anger with anger, evil report with evil report, bitter words with bitter words, slander with slander, persecution with persecution, blow with blow, or any of these, would be to endeavor to overcome evil with evil. This, which is natural to our fallen natures, is what we are commanded to avoid, that we may the more thoroughly cultivate the new nature. To be misled by the Adversary to use his methods in any of these ways is to be overcome by evil.



Parallel passages: Ex. 23: 4, 5; Deut. 32: 35; Prov. 19:11; 24:17,29; 25:21,22; Matt. 5:7,30-45; Luke 6:35-37; Rom. 12:14,17,19,20; Heb. 10:30; Acts 7:60;  1.Cor. 4:12;  1.Pet. 3:9.