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MAY 13


 Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams1. Sam. 15:22.


 Our Heavenly Father wishes us to be very attentive to His Word, and not to think for a moment that we can improve thereon, or that times and circumstances will alter the propriety of our obedience to Him. Let us hearken to the Word of the Lord and keep close to it, not fearing the results, but having faith that He who keeps us never slumbers nor sleeps, and is too wise to err, as well as is competent to meet every emergency that could possibly come upon us as a result of our obedience.



Parallel passages: Num. 14:24;  1.Sam. 12:22;  I.Chron. 28:9, 10, 20; Psa. 40:6; 51:16, 17; 69:30,31; Prov. 21:3; Eccles.. 5:1; Ezek. 9:5-10; Hos. 6:6; Mic. 6:6-8; Matt. 9:13; Mark 12:32, 33; John 12:26; 13:17; 14:15, 21;  1.John 2:3-6.