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The Reluctant Unbeliever

‘Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief’ (Mark 9: 24, KJV). How many of us, if we were truly honest with ourselves, would not confess to harbouring doubts that too often our faith falters and we feel hollowed out inside, a question mark hovering over our certainty.


This father did in fact he said so cried it aloud, in tears. He had brought his son to be healed by the Master but he knows his faith is inadequate to justify a miracle, and begs the Lord to relieve the pang of his incredulity.

So it is with each of us, when we realise that our own faith is not up to the task before us. When our spirit languishes, we can be glad that this father spoke for us; that he said it loud enough for someone to hear it and to write it down, so that we might read it and take heart. (AP)