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ATHEISTIC SCIENCE ASSERTS that there is no proof of an intelligent creator; that were God a reality, the entire cosmos would look different than it does.

It claims that there are no indicators of ‘super-natural’ manipulation or intervention; that the universe was born in chaos, unordered and unsupervised.


All this is advanced as ‘evidence’ of the absence of Presence.


This viewpoint is now immune from any lay argument which claims that Nature itself reveals elements of design and intent.


The debate on this question is settled as far as atheism is concerned: The material world is the by-product of inanimate matter acted upon by undirected forces forging complex accidents.


Practically Speaking

Common-sense suggests that if an object a chair, for example looks as though it were deliberately made, it was, and we humans understandably apply the same logic to the material universe.


But Science says ‘yes’ to the first (the chair), and ‘no’ to the second (the universe) that we are deluded on the second point and that ‘made’ objects can only occur in a world formed in advance by the accidental development of human intelligence.


Again, one’s natural inclination looks for ‘meaning’ to existence. But secular Science says that there isn’t any. Indeed, our instinctive human inquiries into the nature of things seem to be so often rebuffed by Science that one may wonder how well adapted we humans really are to the environment in which we exist. After all, it is our environment which prompts the questions, ‘How did we get here?’ ‘What’s the point of it all?’ But it seems that in this regard, too, we are incompetent to draw conclusions about the things with which humanity has interacted over thousands of years. This anomaly suggests a lack of synchronisation between the body and the mind. That perhaps the oft-cited human evolution should have stopped short in the brain department. Perhaps then we could live in contentment, not bothered by all these elementary but apparently useless questions in the first place.


Divine Intrusion

Believers do not need to peer through either a telescope or a microscope to find ‘super-natural’ intervention in the world. Viewed through the lens of Scripture, it is obvious that an intelligent God has intervened in human history in countless ways, but especially by sending Jesus to be the Saviour of the world, so lately celebrated.


As to chaos, the Bible already tells us that the prehistoric origins of earth were ‘without form’ a disordered desolation (Genesis 1: 2; KJV). To bring order from chaos requires directed intelligent force and an object in view. Without purposeful direction, those chaotic, diffuse forces purportedly unleashed at the Big Bang fourteen thousand million years ago could have had no particular end in view certainly not the elegant, synchronised refinement of mind-body-emotion with which humanity is endowed. And without this ‘end-point’ refinement, there would be no human intelligence now able to differentiate between the material and the spiritual, and thus spark disagreement on these topics.



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