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British Government Tries 'Equalize 'Marriage


Marriage is already equal, being fifty per cent male and fifty per cent female. A society which aided and abetted by its government  attempts to redefine it as anything other than the coupling of a male and a female insults not only the institution itself, but defies ordinary intelligence and contradicts the basic facts of life.


Natural marriage is a sexual contract designed for the propagation of the species and therefore requires anatomical difference, not similarity. The love, affection, fidelity and monogamy that subsequently attach to it underpin the relationship and ensure its effectiveness, so that children are nurtured and the race continues to expand and prosper. Christian marriage is all this and more, a picturesque demonstration of Christ and His Church.
What is proposed in the legalization of single-sex ‘marriage’ is an imitation of the real thing, a bastard concept born of populist politics and a philistine disdain for tradition. That it has become necessary to question the logic of traditional marriage suggests the argument in favour of it is already lost. (AP)



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