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 Take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and

 cares of this life—Luke 21:34.


What a work we realize to be before us and what necessity for sobriety, vigilance, steadfastness! It is a life work, a life battle against a mighty foe entrenched in our flesh. The powers without are strong indeed, but the civil war within is by far the most to be dreaded. If we become in any measure intoxicated with the spirit of the world; if we give way to self-gratification, love of ease, pleasure, a little indulgence of any of the old disposition of envy, malice, pride, vainglory, vaunting of self, headiness, highmindedness, wrath, strife, or any such thing even a little, oh, how great is the peril to which we are exposed!


Parallel passages: Rom. 13:11,13;  1.Thes. 5:6-8;  1.Pet. 4:7; 5:8, 9; Matt. 13:12-15, 22; 25:13;26:41; Luke 8:14;  1.Cor. 16:13; Rev. 3:2, 3;16:15; Luke 12:40.



Poems of Dawn, 18: The Nominal Church.



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