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 In  the time of harvest, I will say to the reaper… gather the wheat into my barnMatt. 13:30.


 The time is short; the harvest work is great; the laborers are few; our time is consecrated; we must labor while it is called day, knowing that a night cometh wherein no man can work. We have consecrated our lives even unto death; we are commissioned of the great Lord of the harvest to seek for the true “wheat,” and to gather it into the barn. What time have we far fri­volities or worldliness or the many social amenities? Rather, we must content ourselves with giving very little attention to these things, and must press along the line, engaging heartily in the work given us to do, if we would have the approval of our Master, His “Well done, good and faithful servant”.


Parallel passages: Psa. 50:5; Isa. 52:7; Mal. 3:17; Matt. 3:11, 12; Luke 3:17; John 4:34-38; Rev. 7:1-4; 14:14-16; Matt. 13:41-43;  1.Cor. 15: 42-58.