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This one thing I do—Phil.3:13

We observe the Apostle’s singleness of purpose “ This one thing I do.” He did not try to do several things; if he had, he would surely have failed. He devoted his life to the one purpose to which he was called, and to that end dropped every other aim in life. He did it, too, in view of the fact that all through the present life his chosen course would bring certain loss, privation, toil, care, persecution and continual reproach. In this singleness of purpose he was relieved of many temptations to turn aside to enjoy some of the good things of this present life, or to pursue some of its illusive bubbles.



 Parallel passages: 1.Cor. 2: 2;  Mark. 10: 42;  Luke 9: 51, 61, 62;  Mark 10: 45;  John 4: 31-38; Acts 1:14; 2: 1,46; 4: 24,32; 5:12; 21: 10-15; Rom. 15: 5,6;  2.Cor. 13:11; Phil. 1:27; 3:18.



Poems of Dawn, 270: Retrospection.


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