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 Behold the Lamb of GodóJohn 1:36.

 All of the Lordís servants should call attention to the Lord and not to themselves. Let us each bend our energies to pointing men to the Lamb of God, and not to self-seeking. Modesty is a gem, wherever found, one of the graces of the Spirit, which all of the Lordís consecrated ones should seek to have largely developed and well polished. And let us remember that following Jesus, in the best sense, means that we walk in His paths, strive to do as nearly as we are able what He would do today, taking our lessons from what He did and said personally, and from the instructions which He has left for us, through the Apostles, respecting the path of fellowship in His sufferings, the path to glory and reward in His Kingdom.


Parallel passages: Isa. 45:22; 65:1,2; Heb. 12:2; Gen. 22:7,8; Ex. 12:3; Isa. 53:7; John 1:29; Acts 8:32; 1.Pet. 1:19; Rev. 5:6-14; 14:1, 4; 19:7-9; 21:14,22,23; 22:1,3.