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 Our God whom we serve is able to deliver usó Dan. 3:17.


 The Lordís providences vary, and it is not for His people to decide when shall come remarkable deliverances, and when they shall apparently be left entirely to the will of their enemies without any manifestation of Divine favor on their behalf. Sometimes, the Lordís people who are bound, restrained of liberty to proclaim the Truth, find, as did the three Hebrews, that the fire burns the cords and sets them free, and really gives them larger opportunities to testify to the glory of our God than they could have had by any other course. It is not, therefore, for us to predetermine what shall be the Divine providence in respect to ourselves; we are to note the point of right and duty and to follow it regardless of consequences, trusting implicitly to the Lord.


Parallel passages: Gen. 49:22-26; Ezra 8:31; Psa. 23; 34:7,9,10; Mark. 5:10-12; Acts 5:29, 40-42; Rom. 8:17, 35-37; Heb. 11:33-38; Rev. 20:4.