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 The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much—

Jas. 5:16.


 Communion with the Lord in prayer brings increased confidence in the Lord’s supervision of our affairs; increased faith in all the exceeding great and precious promises of His Word; increased realization of His leadings, past and present; increased love for all the brethren of Christ; and increased solicitude for their welfare and spiritual progress. Prayer is thus closely and actively identified with progress in spiritual things, progress in the fruits of the Spirit, toward God, the brethren and all men.


Parallel passages: Deut. 9:18-20; Josh. 10:12; I. Sam. 12:18; 2.Kings 20:2-5; Psa. 10:17; 34:15; 145:18; Prov.15:29; 28:9;  John 9:31; l. John 3:22.