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 Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor…and have not love, it profiteth me nothing—1. Cor.13:3.


  In our ministrations to others we are not to forget that money is not the only thing of which people are sorely in need—some need love and sympathy who do not need money. Our Lord was one of these; His own heart, of love, found comparatively little companionship in the more or less sordid minds of even the noblest of the fallen race represented among His Apostles. In Mary He seemed to find the depth of love and devotion which was to Him an odor of sweet incense, of refreshment, of reinvigoration, a tonic; and Mary apparently appreciated, more than did others, the lengths and breadths of the Master’s character. She not only delighted to sit at His feet to learn of Him but also delighted, at great cost, to give Him some manifestation of her devotion, her love.


Parallel passages: John 13:34; 1.Cor. 13:1, 2,4-13; 16:14; 2.Cor. 9:7; Matt. 6:1-4; 7:22, 23; Prov.17:9; Gal. 5:6; 1.Thes. 4:9; 2.Thes. 1:3; 1.Tim. 1:5; 1.Pet. 4:8; 1.John 3:14-18.