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Walk as children of light…proving what is acceptable unto the Lord—Eph. 5:8,10.


 If we be sanctified to God by the Truth—if our wills be dead, and the Lord’s will be fully accepted as ours, in thought, word and act—we have attained the will of God and shall win the prize as “overcomers”; even if, opportunities being denied us, we never preached, never gave to the poor and never suffered as martyrs for the Truth’s sake. Let us all note well this point, “This is the will of God [concerning you], even your sanctification.” Let nothing becloud or obscure this truth—neither other truths nor errors. Let it dominate our course in life, and then, if God’s will is really our will, we have a clearly marked pathway before us, which is very important.


Parallel passages: Matt. 5:14-16; John 12:46; 2.Cor. 4:6; 1.Thes. 5:5; 1.John 1:7; 2:6, 9, 10; Rom. 12:2; 13:13; Eph. 5:2; 15:17; 1.Thes. 4:3; 5:24; Phil. 1:10; 1.Tim. 2:3.