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Instant  in Prayer—Rom. 12:12.


 What a blessed privilege, dear fellow-disciples of the Lord, is ours, to be instant in prayer, to pray always—to lift up our hearts and minds to God at any time and in any place and to realize thus daily and hourly that the Father and our dear Lord Jesus continually abide with us. And then, when the active duties of the day have been performed under His eye and supervision, or at any time when the soul realizes its necessity, how precious is the privilege of entering into our closets and there, alone with God, unburdening our hearts.



Parallel passages: Luke 18:1-8;  1.Thes. 5:17; Col. 4:2;  Eph. 6:18,19;  Acts 12:5; 2:42;  Psa.27: 8; 145: 18; Prov. 15: 8;  Isa. 55: 6;  Matt.6:5-15; 7:7,8;  1.Tim. 2:8;  Jas. 5:16;  Jude 20.