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O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day—Psa. 119:97.


It is a great privilege for Christians to study the Lord’s Word, yet a great deal of study is done to no purpose. Study which is not put into practice is worse than a waste of time. Every reasonable opportunity should be used by the Lord’s people to obtain a knowledge of the Divine Plan—even to the extent of sacrificing; but the child of the Lord will be particular to see that it is his own conveniences and comforts that he is sacrificing, and not chiefly the conveniences and comforts of others. The Bible study which is done merely at the expense of others is a sign of selfishness rather than of a rich indwelling of God’s spirit of love.



 Parallel passage   Job 23:12;   Psa.1:2;19:7-11;40:8;,119:16,20,24

 ,35,47,48,54,70,77:92,103, 111, 113, 119, 127, 131, 140, 143, 159,162-167,174;  Jer. 15:16;  Luke 4:22; 11:28; Acts 17:11;  Rom. 15:4;  Col. 3:16;  2.Tim. 2:15;3: 15-17.