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See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men—

1. Thes. 5:15.

According to the Scriptural standard, the true people of God should be the most polished, the most refined, the most polite, the most generous, the most kind, of all the people in the world—and should be all these in the most absolute sense—not in the mere sense of an outward form and appearance of kindness, gentleness, etc., so common in the world; but a gentleness, a kindness, proceeding from the heart, proceeding from an appreciation of the Lord’s Spirit and the spirit of the Truth, the spirit of love, and the spirit of justice, also.



Parallel passages: Lev. 19: 18;  Deut. 32: 25; Psa. 94:1;  Prov. 20:22;  Matt. 5:38-41;  Rom.12: 12-17, 19-21;  Heb. 10: 30;  1.Pet. 2: 23; 3:9;  Gal. 6:10;  1.Thes. 3:12;  1.Tim. 6:18.