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The Watch Tower On British Liberties: 1915


Views from the Watch Tower, November 1, 1915:

Vol. XXXVI, No. 21.


‘Few are aware of the extent to which war’s necessities are interfering with the liberties of the peoples of Europe.

Military necessity is rapidly pushing aside all the rights of the people in the great Magna Charta of British liberty . . . the people are giving up their liberties as one of the costs of the war. . . .

As a further war measure personal liberty is being take away under what is known as “The Defence of the Realm Act.”

Under this Act the Government holds absolute control of the press and of the lives and liberties of all the people.

A Briton may be arrested and imprisoned for a year or more without even knowing the charge against him or having any opportunity whatever to defend himself – the act of habeas corpus being set aside.’