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Zion’s Watch Tower (Pittsburgh: August 1882; p. 5).


Lord Shaftsbury On The Return Of The Jews From Russia To Palestine:

The question arises, “Will the Jews return to their own land?”

A great number of them are going to America; they will go anywhere if they can find freedom from persecution, and ease to pursue their career.


I do not think there is, so far as I can make out, any great desire among the Jews as a nation to return to their own land.


And this I know from authority, that the wealthy Jews of England – I do not know whether this is the case with the wealthy Jews of other countries – are very adverse to it.


I had it from an influential Jew’s own lips, that the wealthy Jews of England do not wish that any Jew whatever should return to the land of his forefathers.

But there are many ready to go, and it will depend upon the contributions made by faithful Christians whether they shall be enabled to go in greater or smaller numbers.’