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C. T. Russell On The Bible In American Schools:1904


Charles Taze Russell, The New Creation (Brooklyn:

W.T.B. &T.S; 1904), pp. 542, 543.


‘The religious element of the child’s mind requires special training, and in this the Christian parent should be his tutor.

In the present confused condition of the world on religious subjects, and their more advanced attitude as respects common-school and public instruction, any attempt to teach any kind of religion is sure to be in opposition to the prejudices or conscientious convictions of some of those interested.

Hence, justice demands that public [state, Ed.] schools be freed from all religious coloring, instruction, forms and ceremonies.


Notwithstanding our reverence for the Bible as the Word of God, we believe that the fact that the Jews are opposed to the teachings of the New Testament, that many under the influence of Higher Criticism are opposed to much of the Old Testament as well as the New, that some infidels, skeptics, Buddhists, Theosophists, etc., are opposed to the Bible entirely, while others disagree with the common translation, in view also of the fact that all of these classes are taxed for the support of the schools and required to take advantage of them it would be both just and wise to omit religious exercises in the schools, and ignore the Bible as a religious book, intruding it, if at all, merely as an ancient history, rather than give offense to so many who do not agree with us...


[W]e believe it to be the proper course, in harmony with the Golden Rule.’