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Lord Salisbury And War Between Britain And U.S.: 1896


Zion’s Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence,

January 1, 1896, 5.


“Much more dangerous looking, to our view, is the threatened rupture between Great Britain and the United States.

Related by ties of blood and history and language and religious sentiment, a war between these countries would be a specially sad picture.

Yet the consanguinity of the two nations in some respects increases the danger; for both are courageous, both boastful and proud, both full of resources, and both confident of ability to teach the other ‘a needed lesson;’ and neither is willing to give an inch, nor to acknowledge an error.

Yes, we must admit, there is great danger of a war, which would be a disgrace to the two nations which, more than any others, should be able to settle disputes justly and amicably.

Nevertheless, we do not expect war.
We have great confidence that the British government will find a way to arbitrate its dispute with little Venezuela.

Such a course would be very much to their credit every way. Yet thoughtless public opinion, with ‘brag and bluster,’ may force [Prime Minister] Lord Salisbury to say and do things very contrary to his own judgment. It is safe to assume that the United States Government dare not, and will not, retreat from the essentials of its present position.”