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C. T. Russell, The Watch Tower, January 15, 1911, p. 27.


‘[E]ven outside of the Scriptural question, in human affairs, we see no way in which a woman’s interests are endangered, because every woman is either a sister of a man or the mother of a man or the daughter of a man.

Hence the two sexes are so intimately related that it is unnecessary, for instance, that the whole family should go to the polls to vote, but the family is represented by the man and thus all have share in whatever shall be done in a city or town or country.


‘If this were otherwise we could imagine a very unsatisfactory condition indeed.

It would imply that man had lost one of the very prerogatives which is an element of manhood.

On the other hand, it would imply a dereliction on the part of the woman. . . .
[A]ny mother whose son does not respect her should keep very quiet. She has that child during all the years of infancy and youth.

And if in all those years she does not command respect from that child, she is to blame.


‘We believe that if women would get the proper focus on this matter there would be an end to woman-suffrage. They would feel that they had a duty at home.’