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Prittie On The Palestine Question: 1968


‘[C]hampions of an Arab Palestine have always argued that the Jews, by stealth, cunning, propaganda, and foreign help, took “their state” as well as their homes and farmsteads away from them.

In reality, no such state ever existed, and part of the much buffeted, tyrannized, and misruled Palestinian population of 1948 deprived themselves of their homes by panic flight.

The sufferings of these half-million Palestinian Arabs, and of their children, have been wretched in the extreme.

So have the sufferings of myriad Jews during the past two thousand years.

But there is little purpose in setting these sufferings off against each other; they are part of the aggregate of unhappiness of the peoples of the Middle East.’


Terence Prittie, Israel: Miracle in the Desert (published 1968, Frederick A. Praeger, Inc.), p. 222.