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George Grant On Canada As A Branch-Plant Economy: 1970

George Grant, Lament for a Nation (1970; 1994 edn,

Carleton University Press Inc., Ottawa), 28.


‘Since 1960, Canada has developed into a northern extension of the [North American] continental economy. . . .

Our traditional role as an exporter of raw materials (particularly to Europe) with highly protected industry in central Canada gradually lost its importance in relation to our role as a branch-plant of American capitalism.

Our ruling class is composed of the same groups as that of the United States, with the signal difference that the Canadian ruling class looks across the border for its final authority in both politics and culture.
As Canada is only gradually being called upon to play a full role in the United States’ world policies, our military is less influential at home than is the case in the United States.

Of all the aspects of our society, the military is the most directly an errand boy for the Americans.’