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Paul S. L. Johnson on Marriage and Divorce

Prof. Paul S. L. Johnson, The Bible (1949; Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement; Philadelphia), pp. 443, 444.


[W]e do not find, apart from exceptional cases, up to 1878 the gross carelessness in forming and breaking the marriage tie that prevails now in apostate Christendom, particularly in France and America, the latter of whose homes once were the happiest in the world.


All acquainted with the history of marriage and divorce from 1517 to 1878 know that the influence of the Bible was toward ever increasingly better married life and happier homes and against easy and careless divorce; and thus its influence wrought a world of good during this period; while at the same time its influence was in favor of divorce for the unconsecrated in hopelessly unhappy marriages those in which the ends of marriage were made impossible of reasonable attainment.’