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C. T. Russell Christendom Losing Faith 1904

‘Studies in the Scriptures’, The New Creation (Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society; Brooklyn, 1904.)


‘Christian people are becoming more and more awake to the fact that a great tidal wave of unbelief is sweeping over Christendom; not the blasphemous kind voiced by Thomas Paine and Robert Ingersoll, but the cultured kind represented in the scholarship of our day, which makes the danger all the more insidious.


Not only are the great Colleges and Seminaries undermining the faith of the better educated, but the Common School books, and especially those used in the High Schools, are similarly inculcating a distrust in the Bible, a contradiction of its teachings.


For a college graduate of to-day to declare his faith in the inspiration of the Scriptures would bring upon him the scorn of his companions a scorn which few would court, or could endure.


At very best, a few will be found to claim that they believe that Jesus and his Apostles were sincere, though they blundered in quoting from the Old Testament as inspired.’