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Life No Accident


Life is a mystery.

One can believe, first, that it is an ineluctable attribute of material existence or, second,  that it began at a definite moment in the past.


On the first, if Life is inevitable, it can have had no beginning, and therefore must be some sort of perpetual motion machine, one which has always run and will continue to run.

But because Science insists that perpetual motion is impossible, it must reject this approach.


On the second, if there was a time before Life, the problem is one of origins.


Science does appear  to favour this approach, assigning a Big Bang to kick things off, followed by chemical Good Luck, which brought Life about.


By espousing the second point, Science inadvertently acknowledges the logic of the opening line of Genesis ‘in the beginning’.

But in stubbornly rejecting the possibility of a Creator to get things started, it guarantees that it will never solve the mystery. (AP)