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H. V. Morton On The Lake Of Galilee Of 1942

H.V. Morton, In The Steps Of The Master

(London: Methuen & Co. Ltd.; 1942), p. 230.


‘The Lake of Galilee is, of all the places that I have seen, the one in which the Spirit of Christ is still present.

There are no warring sects, no rival shrines; only lake water falling on black stones, a slow procession of crops, the ripening of fruit, the bright flight of kingfisher and bee-catcher, the sun by day and the stars by night.

‘Time has taken no revenge on the lakeside where Christianity was born. It is even lovelier than imagination paints it.

There are no temples made by hands, no clash of creed, no jealousy and no hate.
‘In the silence of night the little fishing-boats set off under the stars as they used to do when a Voice called from the shore: “Come ye after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”’