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On Intelligent Design


‘Intelligent Design’.

Is there any other kind?

That which is arrived at without purpose or by accident, cannot be said to be designed.

Yet proponents of Evolution wish to have it both ways.

No (they say), man and nature are the products of blind, opportunistic force, though (they concede) such things may look as though they were designed.

But in our everyday life, reason obliges us to recognise mind in the designs all around us buildings, motor cars, diesel-electric locomotives, aeroplanes, window shades artefacts all, not one of which would have come about without intelligent planning. In this fact lurks (for the evolutionist) the contradiction that man, presumed to be the outcome of a non-thinking process, may only express himself in a purposive manner, with intent and imagination, endeavouring to match the final product with his blueprint vision of it.


It is not remarkable to unearth a fist-sized rock in the garden; to discover a similar-sized mobile telephone next to it, is. We may reasonably suppose that the gardener is of sufficient intelligence to recognise the respective merits of his discoveries. And we can be absolutely sure that he does not confuse the random forces which formed the rock with the automation that produced the phone. Science excavates Nature to uncover the physics of it, and assigns the cause of it all to a cosmic accident.

On finding the programming script of DNA, it draws the same conclusion. – Anonymous