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H Gratton Guinness On Pre-Millennialism 109. Charles Douglas-Home On Israel As A Middle-East State_1968
62. Richard Corliss On American Films 110.  George P. Grant On Rise Of Sceptical Liberalism In The U.S._1970
63. The Bible Standard On September 11 2001 111. Japan Overtakes Britain As An Economic Power_1967
64. D'Aubigne On The English Reformation 112. Oil Embargo Urged Against Britain And U.S._1967

Prof. Paul S.L. Johnson On Human Evolution

113. Sidney Brooks On U.S. Aid To Germany_1918-1920
65. The Well-Turned-Out-American Lady Of 1878 114. Herbert Spencer On Motion And Rest
66. Christopher de Hamel On Printed Books 115. On Britain And The Defence Of The U.S.
67. Dorothy George On Industrialism 1931 116. Peter Hitchens On Social Fragmenting of Britain
68. Acheson On British Investment In The U.S.A. 117.
On Evolution And The Development Of Faith
69. Prittie On The Palestine Question 1968 118. The Philadelphia Inquirer On Nazi Persecution In Berlin 1938
70. John Wesley On Singing 1761 119. Anthony Deane On Benefits Of Pre-Reformation Monastries
71. Chadwick On The Atomic Bomb 1945 120. Barbara W. Tuchman On The Re-Establishment Of Israel
72. H G. Wells On America 1933 121. Harold: An Allegory
73. G B Cressey On China 1944 122. Margaret Thatcher On The Benefits Of Industrial Competition
Charles Taze Russell On Armageddon 1914
123. On The Faculty Of Religious Faith
75. H G. Wells On President Wilson 1919 124. Pierre Berton On Jewish Immigration To Canada-1938
76. Henry A, Bowman On Modern Marriage 1948 125. Robert Bork On Liberalism And American Decline-1996
77. Hyland  On Russia 1991 126. George Grant On Canada As A Branch-Plant Economy-1970
78. Muggeridge On The Church Of England 1969 127. Peter Hitchens On Britain In The 1960s
79. Keynes On 'The Great Slump':1930 128. Steve Jones On The Study Of Evolution
80. Laslett: England Before The Industrial Age 129. The Philadelphia Record On British War Debts-1938
81. The Watch Tower On British Liberties:1915 130. Frederick Lewis Allen On Global Trends In Technology_1952
82. Gleason Archer On Biblical Historicity 131. Life No Accident
83. James Joll On Anarchism In America-1920 132. Winston Churchill On The British Monarch- 1909
84. C.T. Russell On The Bible In American Schools-1904 133.  A.J.P. Taylor On French Strategy In The 1930s
85. Henry Drummond On The Aliveness Of Man 134. C.T. Russell On The Immortal Soul

Sorokin On Europe And N. America-1946

135. Julian Hawthorne On Early British Orators
87.  Hayes And Moon On The Roman Empire 136. On Reading The Bible
88. Thomas Aquinas On Monarchy  137. On Creationism
89. Bertrand Russell On Christian Love  138. John King Fairbank On China
90. Ron Chernow On US Debt In The 19th Century 139. Musings On Marriage 
91. Benn On The Dounreay Plant-1967   140. David Bercusion and Holger Herwig On FDR  
92. Britain and the Christian Legacy       141. Alfred Plummer On The Continental Reformation
93. Churchill And The Second World War 142. Allan W. Eckert On Tecumseh 
94.  Churchill On Disarmament 143. F.F. Bruce On The Early Christians In Antioch  
95. Syriac New Testament  Found-1893    144. John Ray Skates On Unconditional Surrender Of Japan 1944   
96.      Stoddard on Parliament_1911      145. Intelligent Design Versus The Alternative  
97. Will Durant On The Council Of Nicaea_325   146. George L Craik On King Alfred's Legacy Of Learning
98. Wade Davis On Cremation in Britain After The FWW  147.  Joseph Addison On Westminster Abbey   
99. Jacques Barzun On Democracy in England and N. America  148. W.H.Hudson On Louis X1V And The French Huguenots_1685  


W. H. Page On The Zionist Movement- 1918    149. H.V. Morton On The Lake Of Galilee Of 1942 
101.  J. B. Bury On Freedom Of Thought And The Forces Against It  150. On The Innovation Of Mankind 
102. Lord Salisbury And War Between Britain And U.S.A._1896 151. British Army Recruits For FWW In USA  


William G. Hyland On The Future Of Russia   152. Thomas Friedman On America's 'Hidden Fist'
104. G.M. Trevelyan On Magna Carta 153. U.S Given Warnings On British Cars Sales_1967
105.  On Intelligent Design 154. Watch Out for the Chickens
106.  On Scientific Innovations Of 1919 155. C. T. Russell On Women's Suffrage
107. Preparations In Europe For War_1882 156. C.T. Russell on a Perfect World
108. C. T. Russell On Rising Tide Of Infidelism_1904 157. Ferris and Charleton on Signers of the U.S. Constitution



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