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C. S. Lewis on Marriage_1952


Clive Staples Lewis, Mere Christianity (1952;

Macmillan Publishing Company, New York), 95, 96.


‘The Christian idea of marriage is based on Christ’s words that a man and wife are to be regarded as a single organism for that is what the words “one flesh” would be in modern English.


And the Christians believe that when He said this He was not expressing a sentiment but stating a fact just as one is stating a fact when one says that a lock and its key are one mechanism, or that a violin and a bow are one musical instrument.


The inventor of the human machine was telling us that its two halves, the male and the female, were made to be combined together in pairs, not simply on the sexual level, but totally combined.


The monstrosity of sexual intercourse outside marriage is that those who indulge in it are trying to isolate one kind of union (the sexual) from all the other kinds of union which were intended to go along with it and make up the total union.