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Harold went on a hiking trip through the vast forest with his two companions.

A storm arose and he got separated from them.

After many hours of wandering in circles, Harold became fearful and desperate.

As he went along the trail, he picked up rocks and stacked them into elaborately tapered mounds every hundred yards, right in the middle of the path.
‘This will show them I came this way’, Harold said to himself, and it comforted him greatly.

Sure enough, that afternoon, his friends came upon the artefacts. Unfortunately for Harold, they were both atheists. One looked at the straight line of markers disappearing into the distance and dismissed them as a random, accidental collection of rocks, no doubt the result of a series of landslides. The other agreed, but admired the mounds very much and wished to know more about the phenomenon. The two spent the next week in a thorough and respectful study of the heaps. Harold was never found. (Anonymous)