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On Creationism


‘Creationism’ is widely reviled among intellectuals, secularists and even many Christians in Britain.

The ‘ism’ tacked onto the end of any noun invariably carries a derogatory connotation, as in ‘Islamism’ or ‘Stalinism’, and is intended to convey a radical, irrational devotion to a cause or belief.

In this regard, the opponents of Creation (and any hint of ‘intelligent design’) usually focus their ire on the narrow assertion that God made the world in six twenty-four days.


Of course, not all Christians hold to this particular understanding of Creation, a fact often lost in the vitriol of debate.

Indeed, the belief in Creation that God made everything, regardless of the span of time is a venerable and ancient Christian tradition, subscribed to by some of the greatest minds of history.


Nonetheless, creationism is to its strident critics the totem for all Christian conviction on this subject.

Any interpretation of origins which refuses to allow for human evolution is considered unscientific, and its adherents no matter how articulate and reasonable are branded as deluded fanatics. This trend will probably get worse. When insult becomes the default response to established Christian theology, intelligent discourse is killed stone dead. (AP)