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United States Given Warning On British Car Sales: 1967

The Daily Express, January 5, 1967

From Ross Mark: Washington, Wednesday


‘Britain served notice on America today that she may invoke international trade agreements to protect her £35 million a year car exports to the United States.


‘Sales of British and other imported cars are threatened by 23 safety standards drafted by the new Traffic Safety Agency of the United States Commerce Department, to apply to all cars in America after September.


‘In a Note sent to the traffic agency today the British Embassy said the enforcement of safety standards which handicapped the sale of British cars “would do considerable damage to trading relations between the two countries.”


‘The Note warned that the proposed new standards would be “more onerous” for imported cars than American cars.
They would thus contravene United States obligations under the international General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.


‘Article 3C of GATT forbids member nations to apply “regulations and requirements affecting the internal sale, offering for sale and purchase . . . of products . . . so as to afford protection to domestic production.” . .


‘The Note said: “Some of the standards are not reasonable, practicable, and appropriate for certain of the particular types of motor vehicles or equipment.” They were particularly hard on small models. . . .’