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Love. . . thinketh no evil—1. Cor. 13:5.


Whoever neglects the Lord’s commands along this line of “evil surmisings” weaves a web for his own ensnarement, however “circumspectly” he may walk as respects other matters; for a heart impregnated with doubt and suspicion toward fellow creatures is more than hail prepared to doubt God: the spirit of sourness and bitterness is at war with the spirit of the Lord, the spirit of love. Either the one or the other will conquer. The wrong spirit must be gotten rid of, or it will defile the Christian and make of him a “castaway.” On the contrary, if the new nature conquer, as an “overcomer,” it will be along this line: if evil surmisings are overcome, half the battle against present difficulties and besetments is won.



Parallel passages:

 Matthew 9:3,4,33-35; Proverbs.10:12; 24:17; Psalms.119:139; Acts 11:23;  l. John 3:14; 4:7,8; 2 John 4; 1 Tim. 6:4; 1 Peter. 1:22;4:8; 3:8; Col. 3:2-14.