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Let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing—Jas. 1:4.


Not one step of progress can be gained without the exercise of this grace of patience; and not one of the graces more beautifully adorns the Christian character, or wins the approval of the world’s conscience, or glorifies the God of all grace whose Truth inspires it. It is long-suffering meekness earnestly striving to stem the tide of human imperfection and weakness, and endeavoring with painstaking care to regain the Divine likeness; it is slow to wrath and plenteous in mercy; it is quick to perceive the paths of truth and righteousness, and prompt to walk in them; it is mindful of its own imperfections and sympathetic with the imperfections and shortcomings of others.



Parallel passages:

 Psa.37: 7-9; Eccles. 7: 8;. Lam. 3: 24-27; Luke 8:15; 21: 19; Rom. 2: 7;5: 3; 8: 25; 12: 12; 15: 4, 5; 2.Cor. 12: 12; Gal. 6: 9; Col. 1:10, 11; 1.Thes. 1: 3; Heb.6: 12, 15; 10: 36; 12: 1.