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Question 1


The rising sun in the morning with healing in its wings





Even from the standpoint of the sceptic, a reasonable and candid search into the unknown by the light of what is known will guide the unbiased, intelligent reasoner in the direction of the truth.

Laying aside the Bible, and from the standpoint of reason alone, it can be observed that:-

  1. Belief in a God is grounded in human nature.

  2. Man is so constituted as to desire to worship and venerate a Supreme Being, even as other desires for food, shelter, companionship, knowledge, beauty, etc., are inbuilt.

  3. Every event has a cause. Reasoning back from many events to many causes, we reach the first events, which imply a first cause which itself must be causeless, hence eternal. Though some argue that ‘blind force’ is the first cause, no proof is possible, and reason allied to other considerations favours the existence of a supreme intelligence as the First Great Cause.

  4. Order throughout nature points to the existence of a master mind. The universe in the vastness of space is marvelously ordered, and in the minutest detail of earth laws are seen to operate which demonstrate a power and control which cannot be the product of chance, but compellingly indicate the work of a great Law Giver.

  5. Design is everywhere seen. All forms of life have an environment and sustenance perfectly fitted to their needs. As successful human enterprise is not achieved randomly, but by intelligent design, how much more is planning evident in the vast operation of the universe.

  6. Man possesses intellectual, moral and religious qualities. Man is capable of reasoning on deep and abstruse questions, is endowed with a sense of right and wrong and a moral obligation to the right, and feels his dependence on a higher power. He has faculties for wisdom, justice and love, a persuasive evidence that there is a God who is supremely wise, just and loving.

  7. Some of the human family have undoubtedly experienced an intimate, personal relationship with the Creator. To them he has been, and is, a living reality. His influence in their lives and on their characters is indisputable, and their witness cannot be dismissed.

  8. It is impossible to disprove the existence of God.

  9. A little thought will lead to the conclusion that to disprove God’s existence one must know and thoroughly understand every being, principle, force, etc., in the universe; in other words, one must be omniscient.

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