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 Be thou strong and very courageousJosh. 1: 7.


  “Be strong and of a good courage.” There are different kinds of courage; one sort is begotten of egotism and self-reliance; another kind is begotten of a recklessness which fails to take into account the difficulties of the situation; but the courage which the Lord inculcates, and which all the spiritual Israelites are to seek to possess, is the one which, while coolly and calmly discerning the trials and difficulties of the way, and while humbly realizing its insufficiency for the occasion, is supported by a faith in the Lord a trust in the Divine promises which enables them to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.



Parallel passages: Josh. 1: 5-9; Deut. 5: 32,33; 31: 7,8; Isa. 35: 4; 41: 10-14; Romans. 8: 31, 37; 1.Cor. 16: 13; Eph.6: 10-16; Psa. 27: 1; 46: 1, 7; 119: 42; Proverbs. 2: 7; Judges 6: 14.