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 We know that all things work together for good to them that love God. . . the called according to his purposeŚRom. 8:28.


 Remembering this, all the Lordĺs people should be content with the lot which Providence seems to mark out for themŚnot indolent, but content, when they have done all that their hands find to doŚnot restless, peevish, dissatisfied, complainers against an is providence. It may be that the Lord is fitting and preparing us individually for some special service, and that the permitted experiences alone will prepare us for that service. We are to remember also that we are incompetent to judge of our own imperfections, and hence incompetent to judge of the experiences which would be most helpful to us.


Parallel passages: Gen. 5:20; Deut. 8:2; Jer. 24:5-7; 2.Cor. 4:15-18; Heb. 12:9-11; Rev. 3:19; Rom. 1:6; 9:11, 23, 24; 1.Pet. 5:7, 10; Psa. 76:10; Isa. 51:2; Prov.16:7.