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If any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him—

Heb. 10:38


 The drawing back may at first be a very slight departure from the narrow way of sacrifice—only a looking back perhaps, with a sigh for the things behind; a little slowing up of speed in the race set before us; then a little disposition to compromise the Truth in favor of the cravings of the fallen nature. Thus the way is prepared for the arts of the Tempter, who is quick to note our weak points, and to take advantage of them in a manner test suited to our case. Subtle errors are brought to bear against the judgment; pleasing allurements, with a show of righteousness, are presented to the fleshly mind; and, almost imperceptibly, the soul forgets its “first love” for the Lord, and its first zeal for His service, and drifts away from the Truth and the spirit of it, being no longer led of the holy Spirit of God.



Parallel passages: Gen. 19:26; Psa. 85:10; 125:5; Hos. 11:7; Luke 9:62; 17:32; Matt. 5:13; 6:23; John 17:12;   2.Tim. 2:12;  Heb. 6:4-9; 10:26-31;  2.Pet. 2; 3:17;  l. John 5:16.