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My mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips, when I remember

 thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches—Psa. 63:5,6.


 Prayer is not a privilege merely, but also a necessity commanded as indispensable to our Christian growth. Whoever loses the desire to thank and worship and commune with the Father of mercies, may rest assured that he is losing the very spirit of sonship, and should promptly seek and remove the barrier the world, the flesh or the devil. Every additional evidence of the Lord’s confidence in us by the revealing to us of His character and Plan, so far from diminishing our worship and prayers, should multiply them. If our hearts are good soil, they will bring forth the more abundantly.



Parallel passages: Lev. 7:12;  Psa. 34:1; 50:14,23; 69:30,31; 107:22; 116:17; 119:97; Isa. 63:7; Hos. 14:2; Eph. 5:19,20; Col. 3:17; Phil. 4:6;   1.Thes. 5:18;  2.Thes.. 1:3;  1.Pet. 2:5; 4:11.